Saturday, October 22, 2011

The inspirational BLM are on a roll...

I am overwhelmed with inspiration. This is the stuff that keeps me afloat, keeps me from staying in bed all day sobbing, as I am surrounded by reminders of being on bed rest last year and all the yucko feelings that come along with those flashbacks. This is about the time last year that I had to stop working and go on full bedrest, so I'm having a horrible time remembering how scared I was and how much hope I had a year ago and how both of my babies were alive at that point and at least had a chance to live...If only. I just shared with you the babyloss calendars made by two lovely women from the BLM community. And now, a blog post read by one of the most incredible writers I've been blessed to "meet" along my grief journey. Take a listen.

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