Monday, July 4, 2011

It's Oh So Quiet. Shhh...shhh.

Just a quick note to say that although my blog has been a bit quiet lately, I have a TON of blogposts brewing in my head. I have so much to say. Good, bad, beautiful, ugly, and everything in between. Not sure who is really reading or why or if there's much benefit, but for me this blog has been incredibly therapeutic.

I lament the fact that I have no time to sit and focus on my writing. This blog is failing in the respect that it does not reflect my life or what is really going on. You just get little "snippets". I realize that is true of most blogs, but mine still really needs some love and attention. My mind needs some love and attention. But I don't give it any. I am too busy trying to keep up a house, care for a baby, mourn the baby I lost, put the pieces of my marriage back together, maintain some semblance of a social life, lose weight (HA), redo most of my wardrobe that either no longer fits or suits my taste, learn how to cook like a grown-up for my family's sake, and prepare for teaching a new prep this upcoming school year. And if I'm lucky, catch a few hours of sleep.

I don't really get "me" time.

No, I am not complaining. I realize that a big part of my lack of having me time is that I have a living child to be grateful for - to clothe, bathe, feed, shop for, put down for naps, kiss, hug, and play with. All the things I miss out on with my son. I love my daughter so incredibly much and feel so blessed to have her here. But that doesn't mean that sometimes I really wish I could just have a couple of hours of interrupted focused time with which to write, which has been one of my passions nearly all of my life.

I miss it.

I just wanted to let you know that this blog is not intended to be so quiet. I want to capture more of my life here - the joys and sorrows, intertwined sometimes while at other times independent of one another.

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