Monday, September 19, 2011

Remembering Madison

I decided to share my remembrance images here as well as my FB, as I've realized many of you aren't on FB and won't see them. This is an image I edited for my friend Heather. I remember when we first met through the twin forums, discussing our pregnancies, our diets, our plans, what twin books we were reading, and all the anticipation, anxiety, joy, and excitement about what was to come. Neither of us at the time knew the unexpected turns both of us would be forced to navigate on our paths to becoming twin mamas. I am so glad that we stayed connected. Thinking of her precious Maddie today and hoping that Heather is surrounded by love and peace as she navigates this time of celebration and mourning. I just know that Jack, her survivor, feels twice the love from his amazing mama.

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  1. What a beautiful butterfly! Such an inspirtion for hope to come!